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My WHY/MY Story

Pivot & POP PR is personal.  My name is Farah Davids, professionally known as FarahNicole.  I am an author, classically trained chef and your Event PR professional, creative business consultant and coach.

Farah Nicole | CEO | Pivot and Pop PR
Farah Nicole | CEO | Pivot and Pop PR

I chose the name Pivot & POP PR as a testament to my personal entrepreneurial journey.  I have been blessed with many talents and gifts, but I struggled with the ridicule of being called a “Jill of all trades.”  Rather than looking at my gifts and talents as a blessing, it was starting to feel like a curse.   I noticed at different periods and times in my life, God would allow me to transition to yet a new venture displaying yet another gift.  It felt right and it was always exciting, but I felt like the world was looking at me as the girl who was “all over the place.” 


While these gifts would manifest, some would also be short-lived, while accomplished on paper, I started feeling like I was doing a lot of nothing.  Now an empty nester and feeling like I am just hovering through life, an opportunity to move to St. Croix Virgin Islands for six months came up, so I hopped the plane and arrived with great excitement and uncertainty. One day, I was sitting watching the waves, wondering what in the world I was doing on an island and the first thing I felt was isolation but then God began to speak. I began to get the revelation that each venture had its purpose which granted me peace by confirming that nothing that I had done was in vain but were simply notches in my belt to gain the credibility needed. I often hear true entrepreneurs say that they know they are an entrepreneur because they always get fired.  


While my experience here in St. Croix is not one of being fired, it is a reminder that I am truly an entrepreneur to my core. A natural born leader. I just was not made for the traditional job setting.    I also know that some are paid for what they do, and some are paid for what they know.  I considered myself more on the “know” side. However, I needed to get my feet wet in various venture pools but not to dive in because it was more about me being able to relate to those who I would one day assist. Kind of like a basketball coach who may have gone pro but didn’t play for long because the true calling for them was coaching but experience was needed to relate to those being coached. Just like a passionate coach, I want to see you win more than I want to win because that's a win for us both.

So here I stand, fired up, ready to go, ready  to Pivot and POP!  Are you with me?
" See you when you pop! "

-Farah Nicole

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